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September is here and so is our One blog post. The monthly project in which a group of fellows ClickPro photographers come together to share with our audiences an image that speaks to our heart.

I’m sharing here a photo of a moment with our newest family member. We were sure there was room for one more to love in this house, but experiencing how our kids are loving this puppy makes it all worthy and that’s something I want to capture.

This girl uses to carry her stuffed lovey around in just the same way she is carrying the real life one here. One day they will both be grown and there will be a picture to remember these special and unique times.

Hope you all enjoy going around our circle. Please go and see Amanda’s  Family Photography in Gwinnett County  beautiful work and then click on the next links until you come back here, so you don’t miss this anyone’s share.

As always, thank you so much for reading and for being always there. I’ll be posting my latest sessions soon and can’t wait to take your family photos this fall. Already booking and getting ready to shoot!