One blog circle. October. Katy TX photographer


Can’t believe October is already here. Fall is in full swing and we are getting ready for the most festive months ahead.

I know these months until the end of the year are going to be busy and the preparations and celebrations ahead will make this last trimester fly by so quickly.

I picked a peaceful portrait that speaks to my heart to make this month’s blog post.

When I take kids portraits, either my own or my little clients, I know that these pictures are going to be a reminder of how fast they grow and how quick they change.

This image also inspires me to slow down and appreciate the simplest things in life because in order to capture the pretty light we, as photographers, have to be patient observers. I’m always prioritizing emotions, the moment, and the storytelling side, but I’m also a light chaser and I’ll be always thankful to my passion for photography for making me appreciative of the simplest things that can make a big difference in an image.

Hope you enjoy this month’s blog circle that you can start following here by checking out the talented Jenn Rusby at  Melbourne Family Photographer 

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoy!