Fall in Katy, TX at golden hour


I’m thrilled to be part of this photography collaboration project. We came together with some fellow very talented photographers to, once a month, post an image that speaks to our heart sharing something about it with our audience.  The best part is that you all will be able to follow along if you want. You’ll see a link below to click on.

This photo was taken earlier this fall somewhere in Katy, TX, and the reason I chose it, is because I think it is in the little moments where the sentimental value of a photograph resides. In both, my personal and client work, after getting the traditional family and children portraits, that I love, I always strive to get real emotions and reactions that I know will be once very cherished.

Here in this image, beside the golden light that reminds me of that beautiful sunset and regardless of the imperfections of poses or clothes, I know that contemplating the connection my kids were having at that moment, will be a gift in the years to come when they grow older.

In my photography journey, I was once asked to do a little exercise and think of what photo I would take with me if I have to leave my house and pick out only one. I recommend you to do it. It was eye opening. I’m sure most of us would pick one in which there is a moment, a person, a place, an object that means something special. And that is also a great reminder for us, parents, to get in the frame with our kids frequently, but that will be topic for a future post for sure, so I’ll stop here 🙂

If you click on the link, you’ll be able to see here Beth Ann’s work!

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