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August is here and so is our monthly blog collaboration post.

Summer is going by too quickly and the busiest months of the year are getting closer. I’m getting ready for fall sessions and the kids for school.

This image is just a memory of a summer spent together and a stage that doesn’t come back. There is a nostalgic feel to this moment that I could really saw when I clicked my camera shutter. Of course I enhanced it with my edit in post, but the feeling was there with me at the moment I captured this. That is how this image speaks to me and why I chose it to share it with you all here.

Please follow this loop around to see the work of my talented artist friends. Next up is Sara Lewis Knoxville Family Photographer  To see all the collaborations, please click the link in each post until you come back here.

Thank you so much for being there!

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    • August 1, 2018

    I love the colors and the vibe here, Monica! I can feel summer right along with you in this!

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