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November brings the best tones for outdoor pictures here in Texas. It also brings one more post for our One Blog Circle in which a group of photographer friends share one of the photos that speaks to our heart this month.

This time I picked out one of my latest client sessions. It was difficult to choose just one, because I was able to capture many beautiful moments to deliver to this lovely family soon. The reason I chose this one is because it was one of the few, or I must say the only one, in which this sweet little boy had an spontaneous quiet moment. He was absolutely adorable. Not aware of the camera, and very carefree.

I love the challenge of photographing little kids. It gives the photographer, and nervous parents who want their session to be a success, some headaches sometimes, but most of the times it also gives the opportunity to capture genuine emotions, connections, and personalities.

If you are planing your family session, don’t worry about the “chaos” and be patient because your experienced photographer has the age of your kids in mind and it will be handled and taken as a positive thing and never a negative one.

Please don’t forget to follow the circle around to enjoy more gorgeous photography starting by the talented Aukland wedding-family photographer Olga Levien.

Blogging all of my latest sessions soon!

Thank you so much for reading.


    • Jordana
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    • November 2, 2018

    One of the things I really appreciate from your sessions is your patience and professionalism while you try to capture our truly family moments without worrying about the perfect shot, thanks for being so sweet with us, it is always a pleasure working with you. We love you Moni!

  • Love the light and tones in this, so beautiful!

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