One Blog Circle~Katy, TX photographer.


It is the beginning of a new month and that means a new photography loop is rolling. Please grab a cup of coffee to follow along and see what each of us has to show and say about the photo that this month speaks to our hearts.

This image I chose for today’s post has a special place in my heart. It was taken in a beautiful corner down there in my beloved Patagonia and some very special people that I love with all my heart call it home.

Just by looking at this image, my five senses take me right there in an instant. When my daughter looks at it, she remembers her adventures with those lovely kittens and her cousin and a bunch of wonderful feelings can be felt in her eyes.

Even though it is a sweet image showcasing a tender moment, it is kind of powerful, at least for me, it has the power of transporting me to what we were lucky to experience during our short stay in that dreamy place a a few months ago.

Photography will always be my passion and I’m looking forward to continuing sharing it with you all as well as being your photographer to help you keep those beautiful memories you are constantly building.

Please follow our loop along. Next up is the beautiful work of Boston Newborn Photographer Beth Ann Fricker.