In home family session.


by Monica Cutraro Photography, Katy Texas family photographer

This is an in home family session I haven’t shared yet. I loved every minute with this family.

You can see by looking at their pics that they are naturally affectionate and that this is the way they roll. All I intended to deliver to them was simply the reflection of that beautiful bond.

If you already know my work, you know that Family sessions are all about capturing your moments interacting with your loved ones. In the final gallery, I include many candid moments, but I also make sure you get portraits of each kid and a few detail shots too. You’ll be able to see a few examples in this little post.

This family I’ve had the pleasure to photograph more than once, is naturally affectionate. You can see by looking at the pics that this is the way they roll. As a family photographer, all I intended to deliver to them was the reflection of that beautiful bond.

When little kids are taking part in the session, it’s important for the adults to be flexible and open to changes. As a photographer, but also as a parent, I know that my own flexibility and ability to interact with the kids, will impact the end result.

The technical part

It’s all about connections, but of course the technical part is really important. When the session takes place indoor, window light plays a very important role, so a little planning about time of the session, windows available, etc. is always a plus.

home sweet home

The benefit of being at your place

Consider in home sessions when you have pets and want them in your photos. The interaction between kids and their pets in the familiar environment of the own home make for great memories you’ll cherish for ever.

Also, because they usually take place in the comfort of your home, indoor sessions are perfect for summer season, specially here in Houston under the Texas heat.

Let’s connect

Thinking about booking and want to know more? You can find information about my sessions. Also, please read about me and my approach to my work. That’s key for a great start! I’m very thankful for your very valuable time!

Monica, Katy Texas family photographer.