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Katy, TX Photographer. Teen photography sessions.

Katy Texas Photographer. Teen Photography sessions: Why a specific photography session for teens and tweens? Because they love pictures and you as a parent will love them too. It’s such a transitioning stage. Changes are visible, but the innocence and playfulness of their childhood years is stilll there.

Teens and tweens usually know what they want and like and, most importantly, what they don’t like, so I follow their lead in terms of outfits, locations, and themes making suggestions from my photographer perspective. Parents and kiddos are more than welcome to ask for my advice regarding colors, and even outfits and styling when needed. Those are elements that can make your session look cohesive and your print products more polished and pulled together. Just imagine a gallery wall and the images all connected by those elements.

YES! that beautiful farm is one of your location options, ask me for it and I’ll let you know all the details.

I thrive to make the most of your locations, so you have different backdrops for your portraits. All of these have been taken in the same place, but take a little look at all the possibilities.

Capturing their spirit and the things that make them as unique as they are…

…when including a hobby or a special love in the life of your teen …

Friends are an important part of the teen years, so of course we can plan for a group session.

Katy Texas Photographer. Teen Photography sessions

Pricing and information on all of my portrait sessions: click in the image down here

All of my portrait collections include physical products to enjoy…

20%0ff all of my sessions taking place or booked until October 31st 2020.

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